Trees + Trash

The lessons learned and blessings earned from living a life of awareness.


If you have any questions about sustainable living, I guarantee you there is a website for it. If not, then reach out to me through the contact page and let’s make one happen.

Below is a collection of sites that provide excellent insight into living with awareness.

Center for Action and Contemplation – Daily meditations on how to live with more compassion and awareness. It IS based in Christianity, but I find it has a lot of value regardless of the religion.

Circle of Blue – water news. Enough said.

Grist – a place where political news and environmentalism combine forces.

La Abeja Herbs – where a medicine woman shares her musings and travels

Trash is for Tossers – a blog about zero-waste lifestyle by a girl who lives a zero-waste life.

TreeHugger – a media feed for anything and everything environmental. DIY projects, science news, and all kinds of articles on how to live more sustainably.

The Cleanest Line – a blog hosted by Patagonia, the outdoor clothing company, and maintained by adventurous people who love the environment.

Yale Environment 360 – an educated arena for discussing environmental issues.

Zero Waste Home – a blog run by Bea Johnson, a woman who is an icon for zero waste living. There you can find ideas for adopting zero waste habits into your own lifestyle.

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